Saturday, March 1, 2008

Poor Emma

Things just keep getting worse for Emma. On top of having a cold and an ear infection, she popped out a tooth last night and it looks like that tooth's partner isn't far behind. No wonder she's been extra irritable! She's getting happier slowly but surely though. I'm super tired now.The girls both woke up 3 times a piece last night - at different times of course. So I felt like I was up all night. I got about an hour nap cause both girls were finally asleep at the same time. Lynn Davis woke me up though! What a jerk. No, I knew she was coming, I just thought one of the babies would wake me up before she got there. Oh well. Apparently everyone is hanging out at Waterfront tonight. Hopefully Lynn made it there with my horrible directions! I do miss those days when I could just go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. A small price to pay I guess. That's difficult to say when I could be playing frisbee or something at Waterfront instead of listening to Emma scream in her room! She's only been wanting to go to sleep on the couch for some reason. I guess that is what we will be doing tonight.


Kara said...

Shelly I am so sorry! once everyone is feeling better or sometime you can get away and leave the girls for a bit we should go grab a bite to eat!!

Also when I first read your note I thought you said pooped out a tooth and I was wondering how you knew another was close behing! I am tired! :)

Lynn said...

Don't worry... you didn't miss any frisbee! everyone didn't come and I ended up taking Josh and he knew how to get there too, so your directions weren't horrible! :)