Friday, March 14, 2008

My Little Neat Freak

Last night Abby only woke up once and it wasn't until 4am. I'm thinking tonight might be the last night of torture. If she can make it til 7:00, I'll be happy. Emma always got up then until recently she's been sleeping until 8 or so. I really hope this is it!

I had to work today, a Lent Friday, and it got a little crazy for a minute. We ran out of tables a couple of times! Usually we have 4 people there, but Jessie started her babysitting job, which left only me, Scott and Jeremy. It went pretty smoothly. I think it was the busiest one yet. Scott might have been going crazy a little bit since he was the one running from front to back a bunch. He survived though.

I'm making oven-fried chicken tonight. I'm really excited about it cause I haven't made it in a while, since I really didn't cook at all for about 2 weeks. I'm starving right now and am going crazy waiting for it to cook. It's so good! I love it!! I can smell it from all the way back in the bedroom thanks to my super-pregnancy-sniffer!

I think Emma takes after my great-grandmother a little bit. That woman had to have everything spotless. Today, Emma found a paper towel on the end table in the living room and took it and sat down and started scrubbing the carpet with it saying, "Mess. Mess." and then getting up and moving to a different spot and doing the same thing. She did that for a few minutes before she got distracted by something else. I thought it was pretty funny. What a crazy kid! I know she doesn't get the from me. She always takes off with the broom and tries to sweep the carpet too. I guess she might keep her room clean when she's older at least.

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