Monday, March 3, 2008

Mormon Visitors

Well it turns out Emma's not just getting 1 tooth... She's getting at least 3, maybe 4. Today, she was in a much better mood though. Poor little Abby is all congested and everything though. We went and bought a humidifier today. Hopefully that helps her to get over her cold more easily.

It's almost 8:30pm right now and just a few minutes ago 2 Mormon guys knocked on our door. It kinda ticks me off that they knocked since it's so late. Not to mention we had all the lights off and I was already in bed. Scott plans on picking up our friend Tim from work at 9:00, so we were just watching an episode of Mythbusters on the computer before he had to leave. So I wasn't sleeping or anything, but gee whiz! Scott invited them in so, of course, I'm hiding in the bedroom. They have been talking for about 15 minutes now. Ever since seeing the movie September Dawn, Mormons kinda freak me out!

We saw Be Kind Rewind today. I had to get out of the house!! It was pretty funny. About what I expected at least. It stars Jack Black and Mos Def and they erase all the video tapes in their store and decide to re-shoot them themselves. It was definitely entertaining and not dirty at all, which seems harder and harder to avoid these days. Our original plan was to see Will Ferrell's new movie, Semi-Pro, but Scott decided it was probably too dirty. We are both Will Ferrell fans, but he's probably right. While we were at the theatre though, we saw a poster for a movie coming out in July starring Will Ferrell! When we got home, we found a trailer for Stepbrothers on You Tube and it does look hilarious.

Well, Scott has been talking to these guys for about 30 minutes now. He's got to leave soon so I wonder when they're going to get out of here...Scott wanted me to make it clear that he invited them in and was talking to them to try and present the Gospel and isn't considering Mormonism.

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Lynn said...

Stepbrothers does look funny!!! Semi-Pro is kinda dirty... but I already told you what I thought about it. I also saw Vantage Point this weekend. Poor Emma, I hope she gets to feeling better soon. We used to be friends but she wouldnt even talk to me this weekend, so hopefully she is better by the next time I come up! Oh, and thanks for clarifying about Scott and the mormons, I was concerned. (except not really)