Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rough Day

Today was just awful for me and it seemed to drag on forever, until I got to Bible study. I think Abby might be cutting teeth. She's been a little on the grumpy side for a couple of days. Emma was also in a mood today. Scott was up yakking on the phone until sometime past midnight, so I didn't sleep well anyway and with 2 whiny babies to deal with all day, I wasn't in a very pleasant mood either. Scott is meeting with some guys from church tonight and isn't coming home until late. I love it when everyone is gone and sleeping. I always say that I will go to bed early on nights like these, but I usually end up staying up and enjoying the peace and quiet. I know I will regret it in the morning when I wake up tired, but I can't help it.

Today was our 3 year anniversary actually. Is it bad that I'm happy about him coming home late? We didn't do anything special obviously since he worked all day, I had Bible study, and now he's up at the church. That's OK. We don't usually do anything, just see a movie maybe, but we do that about every week anyway.


Lynn said...

oooh yeah I knew it was your anniversary! I just forgot it was the 19th today... March has gone by so fast this year for some reason.

Anyway.. Happy Annierversary! I'm home now, and I dont have any plans except for going to the dentist tomorrow morning, so whenever you want to go to the store and get shoes is cool, just let me know!!

Krista said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Meredith said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

It was good seeing you yesterday. I hope today is better for you and the babies!

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! Sorry it was such a rough day, though.