Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008


In case you didn't notice, my blog got a makeover! Lynn Davis was nice enough to completely redesign my blog layout for me. It looks great and I would have never been able to make it look this good. Thanks, Lynn!! There are finally some more up-to-date pics of the girls and she even included little Jonah. What a pal!

I'm feeling pretty good today. The past 3 days or so, I've been getting to bed around 9:30. I fall asleep pretty much instantly, so I think being asleep before 10 has been gradually helping me. Emma still got me up around 6am, but I managed not to actually get out of bed until almost 7. Not too bad. I don't think I'm ever going to stay up late again!

Next week is VBS at State Street and I will be teaching the toddler class. That will probably be pretty exhausting in itself, so I don't really plan on getting a lot done as far as packing goes. My goal is to go through all the closets and get them ready to go. I'm pretty sure a lot of that stuff will be going to Goodwill though. The following week is VBS at Rolling Fields and I was planning on being involved until I found out for sure when we were moving and that will be the very last week to pack so I don't think I can handle all of that. Not without nearly killing myself anyway, so I probably shouldn't do that while I'm pregnant!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Potty Training?!

Miss Emma decided that every time she needs to go potty she should take her diaper off. Most of the time she hasn't gotten it off until after she already went in her diaper. Once though, she took it off, ran into the kitchen, and went pee-pee in the floor! Better there than on the carpet I guess. I snatched her up and put her on the potty where she went a little more. I gave her candy for going in the potty and told her that she needs to let me know when she has to go so we can sit on the potty and get some candy. It's pretty much worked so far. She's gone in the potty twice this morning and I've only had to change her diaper once ( it was a little more than pee-pee though!). I don't know why she had to pick right now to be ready for the potty. I don't have much time to mess with it and am super exhausted with packing and everything. I got a good nights sleep last night, but I still feel worn out. That's OK. Maybe she'll be out of diapers around when Jonah gets here.

I feel like I've gotten no where with packing and here I am writing on my blog. Yesterday I wasted a bunch of time making peanut butter cookies when I should have been packing. Oh well.
I guess I've got a pretty good little chunk of it done. I've got 2 and a half weeks left. I should be fine. It is really tiring though. Hopefully I survive it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Official!!!

The new apartments finally processed our application and we found out today that it was approved!! We're taking them our deposit and doing a walk-through in the morning. I'm so excited that we get to move! All the apartments around us have had problems with mice, but we haven't seen any. We think Tinkerbell might have been keeping them away. But the other day Scott got face to face with one, literally! He found it in the cabinet above our stove. I'm just glad he was the one that saw it and not me!! Besides the mouse thing though, I'd still be really excited about moving. It does mean that I now only have 3 weeks to pack though. I've only got one box packed cause I wanted to wait until it was official before I got everything packed up for nothing. I've got my work cut out for me.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Daddy's Girls

I really need to start packing. We've never done this with kids and we only have a month to get things together - a little less than that actually. I'm sure once I get going it won't take me too long. I just need to figure out where to begin.

The girls and I got to celebrate two birthdays yesterday! The Delaneys came over and we had pizza and cake for Issac's 2nd birthday and then later we went out for ice cream for Debbie's birthday. I'm pretty sure she turned a little more than two though! :)

It's looking like we might have to postpone Scott's schooling yet again. This, I think, is his 3rd attempt at starting. With our rent going up moving to a 3-bedroom apartment and a 3rd child on the way, it just doesn't look like we will be able to afford it. I won't be able to make up for his missed hours at work cause that would leave my grandma babysitting 3 kids ages 2 and under 3-4 days a week. She can barely survive with just the two of them so I would hate to stick her with that job, even though I know she would do it anyway. We haven't got it figured out yet, but that's the way it's looking right now. Oh well...someday maybe.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well Behaved Kids??

I was beginning to think I would never see a good day again, but here we are going on our 3rd in a row! Since Abby has officially started crawling and can get where she wants and follow Emma around, she has been much more pleasant. I don't know what changed Emma's attitude, but she has been much more fun to be around lately too. She has developed this evil look she'll give you if you tell her to stop doing something or ask her to pick toys up. It's quite humorous though. I can't get Emma to eat today, but besides that, today has been good too. Abby has been eating enough for the both of them! She has been a little piggy lately! I'm still extremely exhausted and my back hurts really bad (and I've still got 4 months of this pregnancy left!!) but them behaving has really helped. Now I need to start getting everything packed up. What fun! I don't know where to begin. I need to get it figured out soon though. I guess I should try to get a little done now while the girls are sleeping...wish me luck!