Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Emma & Abby's Birthday Party

I think I pretty much qualify as Shelly's personal secretary! (it's Lynn again). Anyway, I just wanted to post about Emma & Abby's birthday party on Sunday!

First of all, isn't Shelly awesome because she had a baby on Thursday, came home on Saturday, and then had a birthday party?! Yeah, I thought so!

Anyway, on to the party! Emma and Abby got lots of wonderful gifts... Emma's favorite, of all things, was a little Cars freezer pack that Jessie randomly decided to pick up in the check-out line. Good thing she did. After Emma opened that she was done opening presents! Apparently Jessie is a good present-picker-outer because she also got them a Doodle Pro which they both seemed to love!

After presents we were on to CUPCAKES!!!!

Abby didn't like them as much as I thought she would.... I've never seen her turn down any type of food, but she was not really all that into the cupcakes.. :(

She got pretty messy but thats only because she knocked the cupcake over and then leaned into it. haha

I think she might have just been tired.

Emma mostly just ate the icing with one finger:

And little Ian slept most of the time, but managed to wake up and make an appearance after the party was mostly over. What a cutie!

Happy Birthday, Emma & Abby!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ian Thomas Embry is here!!!!

Ian Thomas Embry
September 25, 2008 at 10:03pm
8lbs 13oz

Isn't he cute! I got to meet him today - when he was barely 14 hours old...awwww - and he is super cute! Oh yeah, this is Lynn again. Shelly and Ian are still at the hospital, but they should be coming home tomorrow. Not only is he cute, he is also really quiet and wrapped up like a little burrito. He was awake for a lot of the time I was there and I know he is a newborn baby, but he seemed especially mellow and content to me. Which, Shelly informed me, is very good news. :)

He does have really long fingernails though, and I did not realize newborn babies' fingernails were so long. He scratched his face a little bit before they got him some sock-mittens.

I am not sure what else Shelly wants me to write about. Mom and baby are both healthy and everything went well I think. Emma and Abby seem to like their baby brother. Abby kept trying to pick him up which was really cute and sweet, but those pictures are on Shelly's camera. I'll try to steal them from her soon and post them!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The baby is coming!

Hello everyone! This is Lynn - I hijacked Shelly's blog to give you all a baby update! Actually, I guess it's not really hijacking since she gave me her password, but I do have a baby update!

Ian is coming tomorrow!!! Okay, so that's not really an update since Shelly said that in her last post. But now there is more specific information about the time of his arrival - Shelly will be induced tomorrow at 7:30. So whenever little Ian decides to make his appearance after that, he will be here!

I also have a new picture of the Embry girls:

Aren't they cute!!!!?

I will be back tomorrow (unless perhaps Shelly can find a place to post from at the hospital?? do they have wireless there?) and I'll include some pictures of Ian!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Been A While

Well I haven't posted in forever!! We got rid of the internet when we moved and posting from Scott's iPhone apparently doesn't work. So I am currently posting from Lynn's lovely BlackBerry. So I won't be able to post pictures or anything, but I can at least give you a quick update.
I am due in about 2 weeks, but I'm scheduled to be induced next Thursday (the 25th). At 36weeks they were estimating that he was already over 7 lbs so I'm being induced at 39 weeks and apparently having another fairly large baby. We've also changed his name to Ian Thomas.

Emma is talking like crazy now. It's strange to have her blurt out something new everytime I turn around. Abby is getting really big too, but shows absolutely no interest in walking which is very disappointing since I will have another one that can't walk very soon. She cruises like crazy, but refuses to let go. Just lazy I guess.