Friday, March 7, 2008

A New Phone Already?!

I'm not very happy with Emma right now! I dozed off on the couch while Emma was watching some cartoons this afternoon. My phone made a noise which woke me up. I found it on the floor (it was on the back of the couch) and when I picked it up, it was covered in spit. How many phones does this kid have to destroy?! I have it turned off. I've tried it a few times , but I guess a few of the buttons are stuck and it keeps doing crazy things by itself. I'm hoping that once it dries out a little it might work. After I got done trying to explain to Emma how bad that was, I asked her if she had $150 stashed away in her diaper to replace it. She looked me in the eye and said some of her gibberish, so I'm not sure what she said, but I'm pretty sure she's broke! As I was getting on Emma about the phone deal, Abby thought it was hilarious and was just laying in the floor laughing so it was pretty hard to keep a straight face.

On another note, I tried making homemade chili today. I have only tried to make it once before and that was almost 3 years ago. It wasn't very good. I usually just use Hamburger Helper Chili Mac. What I made today turned out pretty good I think. It's a little too spicy for my taste, but I would rather have it too spicy than it have no flavor. Scott is the real test. He isn't very fond of the Hamburger Helper and wanted me to make some on my own. He'll be home in a little over an hour so I guess we'll find out then. Emma liked it though, which is pretty good since the only thing she has been willing to eat lately is yogurt.

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