Thursday, March 27, 2008

Doctor Appointment

I forgot to mention that I had a doctor appointment Monday morning. Nothing much to report. I got to hear to heartbeat which, to me, sounded a lot slower than the girls'...Maybe a boy?? It will be about a month before I will find out for sure. Can't wait! I really want to buy some boy things! Of course, with Scott starting school and everything, it would be more within our budget to have another girl since we already have everything. Oh well. If it is a boy, I would feel bad for it and want to try for another boy right away so he can have a little friend. Whether or not that would be completely healthy for me or not is debatable I guess. If it's a girl I won't mind just leaving it at 3 girls for the time being.

Emma got sent to bed early tonight for being a little demon. She only took about half of a nap today and started getting very grumpy around 5:30, so she ate dinner and was in bed by 6:30. She went right to sleep so I guess I made a good decision. I measured her today and was a little shocked to find out that she is 35 inches tall. I thought it seemed like she was getting taller but I thought it was just all in my head or something. Turns out she's grown about 1.5 inches since her appointment in January. At 18 months, that puts her in the 99th percentile for height and the 95th percentile for weight (she's 28 pounds). She must take after Scott!

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Lynn said...

Aww... a boy would be fun, but a girl would be good too! I want you to find out so I can buy things for it too!!! I always like looking at the baby stuff, but I never have a good reason to buy any. this will be a good reason!

If it is a boy though, and you tried to have another boy, it might end up being a girl! So then he would be even more out numbered lol. If it was me I would probably just wait awhile - I get worn out watching the babies that I do, and usually I just have 2 at a time.. and I dont even have them all day (or night!)

P.S. It made me laugh when you called Emma a little demon. that's funny.