Monday, March 24, 2008

Apples to Apples

Yesterday was Easter, so of course I have some pictures of the girls in their dresses. Emma is not getting any easier to take pictures of so I don't have a very good one of her, but they'll do.

After church we went home so Emma could get her nap in before we had to go over to the Embry house for dinner at 3:00. After that Abby and I went back to church to hang out and play Apples to Apples. It was a lot of fun! The guys got a little rowdy playing baseball with a ping-pong ball and a coat hanger and scared Abby to death every time they started screaming and yelling. Once they left the room, she was fine and we got to have some less noisy fun.

I am having some troubles with Emma though. She finally figured out how to climb out of her toddler bed, even with the extra guard rail. So the first time she did it , I just set up the playpen for her to take her nap in there. She climbed over the side! I think that freaked both me and her out cause all of a sudden she was crying and running down the hall. Last night started out OK. It only took me 2 times to get her to stay in bed. I even got to bed a little before 10 myself. Then at midnight she woke up and I couldn't get her to stay in bed. I really didn't feeling like staying up for however long trying to get her to stay put so I let her sleep in our bed. (I am strongly opposed to co-sleeping so this was a big deal for me). It went pretty well - for me anyway. Scott said she had him pushed all the way to the edge, and we even have a king size bed! I didn't have a problem until she decided it was time to get up at 6am. That just doesn't work for me! So this morning I lowered the crib mattress to try and keep her contained a little while longer - at least until I get some of my energy back - but apparently there is no stopping this girl! I left the room and heard a big thump and here she comes running down the hall crying again. I didn't think she would be able to do that since the crib walls are taller than the walls of the playpen. I'm out of options. I'm just going to have to suck it up and be consistent about making her stay in bed. I think it will be more torture for me than her though. She went to bed easily tonight, so I'm hoping...


Meredith said...

They look so cute in their Easter dresses!

Krista said...

I feel the same way about co-sleeping. We have on rare occassions let the boys sleep with us but there was usually a good reason. . .however I also ended up with a very sick toddler in my bed last night! I'm amazed at how much bed such a little body can consume. Terry ended up in the recliner and Isaac had about 99.9% of our queen size bed--I was lucky to have any space at all when I returned at 3am after nursing the baby!! Good luck with teaching her to stay in bed. That's a battle when still fight every so often with both of our older boys.