Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Kushies for Emma

Last night was pretty fun. Emma woke up at midnight screaming and was completely inconsolable for about an hour. We were out of medicine so eventually Scott ran over to Walgreen's to pick up some baby Tylenol. I guess it worked cause right after she had some she drank some milk and went to sleep. Today she went to the doctor and found out she has an ear infection. Apparently your more likely to get it if you are just getting over a virus or the flu. So I guess last week's stomach virus caused it. I had no idea it was her ear. All the books say they have an ear infection if they are tugging on their ear a lot. She hasn't messed with her ear at all. She's just been screaming her head off randomly. I thought her tummy was still bothering her since she's refused to eat for almost a week and has been a little on the gassy side. Oh well. At least I know what's wrong with her now. They gave her some of that pink liquid medicine, which I remember tasting pretty good when I was a kid (like bubble gum). She's got to take it for 10 days. Hopefully that takes care of everything.

I also need to quit using the cloth diapers on Emma. Her poor little butt just kept getting more and more red after I started using them. She has the weirdest skin. We have never had a problem with any brand of disposable ones. You would think that the cloth ones would feel even better on her tooshie, but I guess not. I'm going to let it clear up and give it one more shot just to make sure it wasn't caused by something else. I would like to be able to use them, but that's OK. Abby has been fine with them, but her skin isn't nearly as sensitive as Emma's. Poor girl. I will definitely get my money's worth out of them even if just Abby can use them. Hopefully they won't bother the new baby though.

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Krista said...

Isaac has the same sore red bottom issue with cloth occassionally. I've found it's because he is such a heavy wetter. What I've found is that I have to be very diligent to change him about every 1 1/2 hours or so just so the wet diaper isn't in contact with his bottom too long. It has worked and minimized the times when he's bottom was too sore to continue with cloth. A miracle cure though is to use a little corn starch (yes, go to your kitchen cabinet and pull out the box of corn starch) and sprinkle that on their bottom and put them in disposables for a few diaper changes. That usually clears Isaac's up within hours and allows us to quickly switch back to cloth. Hope that helps and Emma starts feeling better. Oh and my peditrician once told me that kids a slightly more prone to diaper rash and such when they have an infection or illness so it could be that with her recent stomach virus and now the ear infection that her body just can't protect her bottom too :) Praying you'll all be feeling better soon!