Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Model

After last week, I'm still really exhausted. Emma is not helping at all. She has been a major grump!! I know she still doesn't feel completely better yet, but she's making me crazy! I still can't get her to eat very much and she will freak out all of a sudden and have a little screaming fit. She doesn't want to be held or talked to so I just put her in bed and let her scream it out. Hopefully she starts feeling better soon.

I finally got my newborn pictures of Abby ordered from Kara. They look great! I will probably need to be ordering some more, cause now family members are asking where their copies are. I just told them they can have some wallets, but we aren't made out of money!

The cloth diapers are going great. We've been using them for a few days now and I've only had one leak. It was overnight though. Now I just know that Emma needs at least 2 extra liners for night time. Abby did some modeling for me so everyone can see. What a cutie!


Jessie said...

How adorable!!! I miss the girls! lol I wasn't at church 2 Sundays in a row! I had a dream that I took Abby to Disneyworld last night. Emma was sick so she couldn't come so but I decided to take Abby off your hands for a little bit. We had a blast! lol

Kara said...


Lynn said...

aww... she's adorable!!! I'm glad you like the diapers.. I didn't even know they made anything like those, but they sound pretty good.