Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Mirror Baby

Abby now has a favorite way to spend her time...talking to the baby in the mirror! As soon as she sees herself, she gets this big grin on her face and just starts talking away. It's the cutest thing! I probably say that about a lot of things...but it really is cute!

Emma's new thing is runnning in circles and sqealing at the top or her lungs. She's not mad when she does it. I guess she just likes the way it sounds or enjoys the reaction she gets out of us. It can get a little irritating after 10 or 15 minutes though!!

My mother should be coming down within the next 2 weeks. She hasn't been down since Abby was born. I told here she should just move down here cause she's missing A LOT. These babies go through a lot of changes when they're little! I don't think she'll ever come down to stay though. :(

I have to go to the doctor on Thursday for a "professional" pregnancy test. Not that it's really necessary - I know I'm pregnant. (Why else would I want to go to the doctor? For fun??) Then they will schedule my first actual prenatal appointment probably for early March.

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Lynn said...

I guess all babies like the same thing! Both Joshua and Savannah (who are both about Emma's age) LOVE going in circles and screaming! it is kind of annoying, but it's cute at first. And Madison (who is only 2 days older than Abby) loves the baby in the mirror too! She doesnt really talk to her though, she just smiles at her a lot. Thats really funny.