Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Need Motivation...or a Maid

I have been so tired this pregnancy, I can't get anything done. I had just gotten on a pretty good system of getting things cleaned and taken care of around the house after having Abby, but now I'm just wiped out. Being sick certainly didn't help. We're supposed to be having the Delaneys over for dinner in the near future. I can't wait. That's one reason I wish we had people come over more often...So I could have some motivation to clean this place up on a regular basis!

Our boss, Jeremy, got Emma a new movie - Madagascar. She seemed to like it. Not as much as Cars though!! She still isn't feeling well. The most she's eaten at one time since Wednesday was half of a chicken nugget and a couple fries. My poor baby! I guess she's not going to starve to death, but I thought she would have her appetite back by now. She's been drinking, just not eating. So I 've been giving her some of Abby's formula. Hopefully that will help make up for some of it.

I really need to start cooking again. We were doing pretty good about not eating out all the time. Then I got tired... We have been eating out nearly everyday, at least one meal a day it seems. And when we eat at home, I just throw in a frozen pizza! I'm a horrible mother! Emma hasn't been eating anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter as far as that goes. Oh well. I need to find some recipes for healthier things. I think I just make the same 5 or 6 things over and over again. None of which are particularly healthy. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. The only problem is we're picky eaters (well, mostly me).


Meredith said...

We're the same way - I have to plan to have people over every so often so that we get the house clean! Otherwise, I have no motivation.

As far as food, I don't really cook, so I don't have too much advice there (when I do cook it's out of a freezer), but this site: http://greenlitebites.com/ is cute and has some neat recipes I want to try (not sure how it will do if you're picky, but I thought I'd pass it on). Oh! And kraftfoods.com has some good recipes too. I'm trying to get better at cooking some healthier items myself, it's just finding time to learn.

Lynn said...

Do you have a crock pot? I have a recipe book that has 3-ingredient crock pot recipes. The good thing about that is they are cheap and really easy to make! (and they're not really bad for you either). So you could do something like that, then it basically just sits in the crock pot and cooks all day so you don't even really have to do anything but throw it in there. anyway, let me know if you want to borrow it and I can bring it home this weekend.

Krista said...

you so don't have to clean the house for us. . .you've been to my place right? :)