Thursday, February 14, 2008

Busy Day

The past few days I haven't really left the house because of dragging the kids out for no reason in the icy-snowy ickiness. We haven't had this much snow for 3 years! It was completely unexpected as far as I'm concerned. I hate being cold and the snow just kept falling!

Today, I was forced to leave the house, because Abby had a doctor's appointment. She's 4 months old now and weighs 16lbs 2oz. She had to get 3 shots. How sad! I also went to see my doctor and scheduled my first prenatal appointment, which is next Tuesday morning. I thought that was a little odd, be cause they usually don't want to see me until I'm 10 weeks along and I will only be 7.5. Oh well.

My friend Krista just had her baby last night, so I went to visit her in the hospital. He's having some breathing trouble, but should be completely fine. It is her 3rd boy. How crazy! His unbilical cord was tied in a knot and he was only 5lbs 13 oz. They said he wouldn't have lasted much longer with the cord like that. He just wasn't getting any nourishment. So far they haven't had any major issues though.

I had a very exhausting day. I felt like I was constantly doing something. I did take an hour break to watch Reba when it came on TV! Now I have to work in the morning. Hopefully I don't just pass out.


Meredith said...

Hasn't the weather been so crazy lately? I don't blame you for not wanting to take the kids out. I don't even want to go out and I don't have anyone else I have to take care of. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Terry Delaney said...

Wait a second! You are saying we are crazy for having three boys! Um...Kettle, this is Pot, you are black!

God bless you guys!

Shelly said...

Boys just seem like they're a little harder to handle.But then again, how do I know - I only have girls.