Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long Time, No Post

Well, a dear friend informed me that it had been a very long time since I posted anything. So here I am! I'm 34 weeks along now and my belly is quite a bit bigger than the last time I put up a picture (as you can see below)! I feel like I could explode at any minute! I'm very happy that the weather has decided not to be so freakishly hot. Those 1oo+ degree days were killing me! Starting next week, I'll be having weekly check ups so that should help make the time go by a little faster. Scott has the job of picking the middle name and even though we thought it would be Owen Scott in the beginning, I'm pretty sure that he has decided on Owen Benedict. So there's an update for everybody. Only 6 more weeks!!! And so much to do between now and then!!

I started doing reading lessons with Emma back in April/May, but after a few weeks I could tell that she just wasn't ready yet so I decided to back off for a while. I was planning on giving it a shot this month, but I don't see that happening at this point. I'm definitely not worried about it anyway, since she's not even 4 yet! We have plenty of time. Sometime soon I would like to start regularly scheduling some "school" time with her. Nothing major. Mostly I just want to have some kind of routine down for when we start really getting into things.

Little Abby is almost completely potty trained now. She has been wearing big girl underpants nonstop (except a pull-up for overnight) for about a month now with very few accidents. Yay! She also seems to be getting goofier and goofier. What a crazy kid!

Also in the past month or two, Ian has finally started picking up some words. He's almost 2 and I thought that kid would never start talking! He's doing much better now. He probably has about 15-20 words that I can definitely understand and even if he doesn't use any real words he has no problem getting his point across!

The same dear friend I mentioned above (Lynn Davis!) took these awesome pictures for us a couple months ago. These kids are definitely not the easiest subjects, but she managed to get a few usable shots so I consider it a complete success! I think she might be doing family pictures for us after little Owen gets here. That should be fun....

Well hopefully I will start posting more often than every few months! I'll be even more encouraged to post if I get some comments - hint hint! See you soon!


Michelle said...

What beautiful children! And wow...congrats on getting to 34 weeks! So exciting to get ready for a new baby!!! Yay on the potty-training and I don't blame you on backing off on the lessons. Chances are, your daughter will start reading before you know it!!

Catholic Mommy to from home said...

How exciting having a new baby in just weeks. I started 100 Easy Lesson (which I love) when my daughter was four...I thought I would die it was so hard. TRied again at 4.5..same thing. Pulled it out right after she turned 5 in October and same thing...awful. I waited until January and tried again. WE SAILED through it loving every minute. I tried to early 3 times and when the time was was SO right. She is now 8 and reads EVERYTHING she can get her hands on. I posted about it on my blog...I will try to find the whole story and send it to you.

Shelly said...

Thanks for commenting, ladies! I love comments!!

I believe I caught your posts on homeschooling, Lisa. I've been snooping around your blog for a while now. :)

I love reading both of your blogs! I hope you stick around.