Friday, September 10, 2010

Fair Pictures

Since I didn't post anything for most of the summer I have some catching up to do with pictures. Today I decided to post some from our trip to the KY State Fair last month. We had a really good time. I don't think the kids can ever get sick of looking at animals! That was what we spent most of our time doing. The girls were dying to ride the Ferris wheel, so they got to ride that and a car ride right before we left.

Abby loves her daddy!

Ian LOVED the car ride!

He got pretty mad when it was time to get off. Poor guy.

It seems like everyone in bloggy world are starting to have their babies.... And it's making me a little impatient! In the past week or so at least Maggie and Hallie have had their babies. What's up with that anyway!? Of course, one of my favorite things to do is read birth stories so I hope they post theirs. :) I guess that could be one good thing to come out of it. Well, and their cute new babies, of course. It's definitely making me a bit antsy though...

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