Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ian!!!

Today, my little Ian is 2 years old!!
Two years ago I was supposed go in to be induced at 7:00 am. Apparently everyone decided to go into labor that day so my induction kept getting pushed back more and more until it was looking like it wouldn't be happening that day at all. We finally got in around 4:00 that afternoon and they started the pitocin and broke my water right away.

This labor was very intense right off the bat. I got the epidural only a couple hours into it and oh boy it did not help very much! There was an insane amount of pressure. I had never felt that way after having an epidural before (which makes me think I might just try to skip it this time). I was in labor for 5 and a half hours when they told me I could start pushing and by then I felt like he could come flying out of there at any time. So I was very surprised that it took longer to get him out than it had with the girls. I figured it was my third kid and with all that pressure i was feeling he would be out in no time. It took a whole 30 minutes to get him out of there though. I guess that's still pretty fast compared to a lot of people, but I wasn't expecting it. He was finally born at 10:03PM at 8 pounds 13 ounces and since it was so late it was a lot quieter than after the girls were born. We didn't have any visitors until the next day.

The day after we got out of the hospital Ian got to go to his first party! We got out on a Saturday and the girls' 1st/2nd birthday party. That was a busy weekend. We did get to have our first family picture taken that day.
Happy Birthday, Ian!!

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