Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bunk Beds

Half of the day yesterday was spent assembling the girls' new bunk beds. Why am I 9 months pregnant and putting beds together? I don't know, but I'm glad we finally got it done and they look really cute! I love the new bedding I got for them too. So cute! And not really something they'll grow out of, like Disney Princesses or Dora. They were very excited about them. Emma loves sleeping on the top bunk. I think when we were talking about them Abby didn't quite understand what we meant. I'm pretty sure she thought we were wanting her to sleep under the bed. Haha! But once we got them put together she got it figured out and was just as excited as Emma. They spent a good chunk of the morning hanging out on Abby's bed. (I wouldn't let them play on the top, because I didn't want Ian falling off) Anyway, I'm really glad they like they're new beds and very glad that I'll be able to set they're room up differently.

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Kathy said...

love the bunk beds and I have been there with the whole "nine months pregnant and doing stuff I wasn't supposed to be doing" thing. Good job! and congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy!
aka: mamajulep