Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well Behaved Kids??

I was beginning to think I would never see a good day again, but here we are going on our 3rd in a row! Since Abby has officially started crawling and can get where she wants and follow Emma around, she has been much more pleasant. I don't know what changed Emma's attitude, but she has been much more fun to be around lately too. She has developed this evil look she'll give you if you tell her to stop doing something or ask her to pick toys up. It's quite humorous though. I can't get Emma to eat today, but besides that, today has been good too. Abby has been eating enough for the both of them! She has been a little piggy lately! I'm still extremely exhausted and my back hurts really bad (and I've still got 4 months of this pregnancy left!!) but them behaving has really helped. Now I need to start getting everything packed up. What fun! I don't know where to begin. I need to get it figured out soon though. I guess I should try to get a little done now while the girls are sleeping...wish me luck!

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Jessie said...

Emma's little evil look is hilarious! I wish I had my camera ready for that one. I'm sure I'll see a lot more of it though lol. Anyway, look at me still being jobless so whenever you decide you want to do some packing, pick up your phone...if Emma hasn't broken this one yet. Since you decided to up and leave me it looks like I will have to do something so I'm not cut out completely, so call me, I will help!