Saturday, June 14, 2008


In case you didn't notice, my blog got a makeover! Lynn Davis was nice enough to completely redesign my blog layout for me. It looks great and I would have never been able to make it look this good. Thanks, Lynn!! There are finally some more up-to-date pics of the girls and she even included little Jonah. What a pal!

I'm feeling pretty good today. The past 3 days or so, I've been getting to bed around 9:30. I fall asleep pretty much instantly, so I think being asleep before 10 has been gradually helping me. Emma still got me up around 6am, but I managed not to actually get out of bed until almost 7. Not too bad. I don't think I'm ever going to stay up late again!

Next week is VBS at State Street and I will be teaching the toddler class. That will probably be pretty exhausting in itself, so I don't really plan on getting a lot done as far as packing goes. My goal is to go through all the closets and get them ready to go. I'm pretty sure a lot of that stuff will be going to Goodwill though. The following week is VBS at Rolling Fields and I was planning on being involved until I found out for sure when we were moving and that will be the very last week to pack so I don't think I can handle all of that. Not without nearly killing myself anyway, so I probably shouldn't do that while I'm pregnant!

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Lynn said...

you're welcome, glad you like it! :)

Man, you are busy! If I had all that stuff going on I would probably die or maybe just sleep a lot... and I'm not even pregnant! have fun with the toddler class though!