Thursday, June 5, 2008

Daddy's Girls

I really need to start packing. We've never done this with kids and we only have a month to get things together - a little less than that actually. I'm sure once I get going it won't take me too long. I just need to figure out where to begin.

The girls and I got to celebrate two birthdays yesterday! The Delaneys came over and we had pizza and cake for Issac's 2nd birthday and then later we went out for ice cream for Debbie's birthday. I'm pretty sure she turned a little more than two though! :)

It's looking like we might have to postpone Scott's schooling yet again. This, I think, is his 3rd attempt at starting. With our rent going up moving to a 3-bedroom apartment and a 3rd child on the way, it just doesn't look like we will be able to afford it. I won't be able to make up for his missed hours at work cause that would leave my grandma babysitting 3 kids ages 2 and under 3-4 days a week. She can barely survive with just the two of them so I would hate to stick her with that job, even though I know she would do it anyway. We haven't got it figured out yet, but that's the way it's looking right now. Oh well...someday maybe.


Jessie said...

Thats a very cute pic of the girl's with Scott! I'm glad you came to celebrate my mommy's bday. She was really glad you came too and I was excited to see the girls. Abby was very well behaved! And Emma was just as cute as ever! I think I got a pretty good picture of her new face.

Lynn said...

I've never moved with kids either, but last time I moved (in Nov) I had this plan of starting to pack like a month early, and it never got done. I packed pretty much the whole apt in the week before we moved. It seemed easier that way anyway, unless you already have the apt that you can go ahead and start putting stuff in. probably is harder with 2 babies. Good luck! If I was home I'd help you. : (

Kara said...

Would it help if I watched the girls for you some afternoon while you packed? I am sure Kyla would a play date :)