Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zoo Trip

Merideth and I took the kids to the zoo today. It was an adventure to say the least. I don't think I'm ready to tackle that again until I have a double stroller! My plan was to let Emma walk and if she needed to be in the stroller to carry Abby in my sling. That worked for about the first half of our journey. Abby went to sleep and Emma got really tired and wanted me to carry her. She weighs a ton, in case you didn't know! It wouldn't have been as bad as it was except we apparently decided to go on field trip day. There were elementary school kids everywhere. It was hard to keep an eye on Emma with so many kids around and she wasn't doing a very good job of staying with me cause she wanted to follow everyone else. We still had a good time. It was just very exhausting. We came home and Emma put herself to bed, literally. She's just now waking up - 3 hours later!


Kara said...

how did the sling work out with you.

Krista said...

we found our gently used double stroller at once upon a child for less than half the full retail price--it has been wonderful! Even with three--the 2 older boys can ride and I can put the baby in the sling (that I absolutely love, Kara!!--thank you again)

Shelly said...

I used it for probably 20-30 minutes. It was a big help! There just wasn't anything I could do after Abby fell asleep in the stroller. That's when I ran into trouble.