Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rising Early

Well here it is, 5:30AM, and Scott just left to go work for his dad for a couple of hours. I thought I'd roll myself out of bed too and get a head start on a few things. I plan on getting quite a few things done today, mostly going through as much of our stuff as possible and packing up stuff to give to Goodwill and somewhat organizing whatever is leftover. I started yesterday with our food cabinet in the kitchen. My plan is to start in the front of the apartment and just work my way back. Who knows how long this is going to take me!? I hope the girls are as cooperative as they were yesterday.

Emma actually stayed up until a little past 9:00 last night. (Even though I'm up early anyway, it's nice that I didn't have to get up. I still hope she sleeps in a little!) Scott got home a little late and I figured she might as well eat with us since she was that close already. She did pretty good with. Wasn't too grumpy. At dinner she did start acting like a goober though. She kept doing this crazy fake laugh instead of eating. It was obvious that some one was sleepy! Everything went fine last night. Pretty good actually. Abby finally made it through the night without a peep. Well she did wake up once, but that wasn't her fault. I'm pretty sure Emma woke up everyone in the building around 12:30 last night! She just started screaming and came out of room in a full blown tantrum - convulsing, throwing herself of the floor, just inconsolable. She didn't want me to be nice to her, she didn't want me to be firm with her, didn't want to be held or talked to at all really. I put her back in bed and told her to sit there until she felt like being nice. When she came back out of her room, she calmly laid down in our bed and went to sleep. It only took a few minutes for her to pass out so I moved her to her bed and everything was perfectly fine for the rest of the night. The entire episode only lasted 15 minutes, so overall I would say we had a pretty good night. Pretty soon it looks like I'll be able to let Abby sleep in her room in stead of the living room! That will be nice!

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