Monday, January 28, 2008

Is it love?

I think Emma might have her first crush! What a funny thought! Everytime Emma (16 months) see this little boy at church, Austin (3.5 years), she gets so excited, runs up to him with a huge grin on her face, waves, and yells "HI!". Then he always gives her a big hug. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen! I think she's a little young for love yet though...

Sorry I haven't posted any pictures (Lynn!). I just haven't been in the picture taking mood these past few days. The pregnancy has got me a little exhausted. Which reminds me, I need to call the doctor! I probably won't have to go until almost March, but I should let them know I guess.

I will be out of a phone for a little while. Emma decided to put my cell phone in my cup of coffee last night! I tried taking it apart and letting it dry out overnight, but had no luck. Hopefully I will be able to get a new one within the next few weeks.

We are looking into getting a house. Since our family is expanding so rapidly, we need something with at least 3 bedrooms. I have looked at a bunch of apartments and realized if we're going to be paying that much, we might as well be paying a house payment. I am talking to a lady at the bank about whether or not it would be a good option for us right now. I hope it works out. I'll keep you posted!


Lynn said...

Good luck with the house hunting!!! thats really exciting! I hope everything works out! Apartments are apartment costs more than my mom's house payment, although I only have to pay half so it's not bad, but I know what you mean.

That's cute about Emma's little crush...aww.. that's so sweet. And sorry to hear about your phone.. I guess that is why you never responded to my text message earlier..haha.

Meredith said...

How cute!!

We're starting to look for a house too. It feels like a big step, but I think it will be a good investment.

Sam's dad's work has a program where you take a class on a Wednesday evening and learn all about buying a house. They say it will help you get pre-approved for a loan. We just filled out the application for the class, if you want to know more about it (after we take it) let me know!