Monday, March 7, 2011

Evil Virus

This has been a normal scene at our house for the past couple of weeks.
Taking turns. All 6 of us.

Emma spent a week with Gramma and brought back this lovely virus to share with the rest of us. Feel the love? Now she is the only one that is completely over it and it doesn't seem like I will ever get better since I can't sleep because I have to take care of everyone else. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. I mean, I feel a little better, but come on! Mama needs rest too!

I got a pretty good shot of the boys together not looking sick, but one is looking rather chubby.

This little porkchop weighed 18 lbs when he went in for his 4 month check a couple weeks ago. He is definitely the biggest baby we've had. Emma started out bigger, but she was only 17 lbs when she was 4 months. Owen is so round and cute I just want to squish him all the time!

In other news, we're buying a house!!

This is it. Isn't it cute?! It does actually have more space that it looks like. Four bedrooms, finished basement, an actual dining room, and a nice playset in the back yard! I'm very excited! We will be closing in just a couple of weeks. That means I have lots of packing to do (and toys to get rid of!).


Maggie said...

Joe weighed 18 lbs when he was 4 months old! He's now nearing 21 lbs at 6 months! Chubby-wubby babies are the best!

Young Mom said...

Congrats on the house! So cute. :)