Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News and Pictures

Here's a good one of smiley, little Owen.

Emma loves her new brother!

Owen is going to be 3 months old in a couple days! He's big enough to sit in his BebePod seat now and is so cute and smiley. I really can't wait until the weather gets warm again! The kids get a little crazy being stuck inside only playing with each other all the time. We did finally get to go to playgroup for the first time since the baby was born and it is completely amazing how well everyone plays together when you just add a couple kids that they don't see everyday! Why can't they act like that all the time?

We are seriously going to be trying to get a house this spring and I am so excited!! And nervous! Mostly excited though! We found THE house so now we just need to get a little bit of a down payment together so we can get the ball rolling. The house is 5 bedrooms and more than double the square footage we're living in now. We could really use the space, let me tell ya! I'm hoping nobody comes in and swipes it before we get a chance to get everything taken care of. Donations to our Down Payment Fund will be gladly excepted (just kidding...mostly).

And here's another goofy shot of the kids :)

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