Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pools, Potties, and Breastfeeding

The past couple of days I've spent a couple hours helping my grandma get her pool cleaned out so we can get it ready for summer. That has been a job! We got all the old water out and today we plan on scrubbing the inside a little bit and giving it a final rinse so we can let it fill up overnight. Hopefully we can get that accomplished today and then we'll be done!

Since it's warm out now, I've been putting Abby in regular underpants and just dealing with the consequences. Luckily we have hardwood floors! She is getting better though. She stayed dry almost the whole day yesterday and even told me she had to go twice (on time!). It will be amazing to only have one in diapers soon. Wow. That hasn't happened around here in quite a while. We've even have 3 in diapers at once so 1 will be fantastic.

I have decided to definitely try nursing this baby and any tips or advice are very welcome!! I'm a little nervous, but confident at the same time. I plan on taking a breastfeeding class at the hospital in August and reading as much as possible, but I would still love any advice you have to give. I'm very excited about really trying this time. I'm hesitant about reading many books though because the few I've looked at have been very anti-bottle feeding which ends up making pretty mad since I have 3 perfectly healthy bottle babies. I want to read about how to breastfeed not why I shouldn't use formula!

We also have names picked out. I love getting that out of the way as soon as possible. We have Owen for a boy and Anna for a girl. We won't find out what it is for a little over a month though and I don't think I can wait that long! My next check up is Wednesday next week so I guess I'll post an update though I doubt anything exciting will happen.

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Michelle said...

I hope the nursing goes well. I nursed my third for 6 months, but the other three were bottle-fed. It is quite a commitment to breastfeed...but I loved the time I spent doing it when I did it. Should we be blessed with another baby, I hope we are in a position that I feel I can commit to it and do it again...at least for a little while. Yay on one in diapers!!! We had 2 in diapers at the same time, once. I have been completely grateful that we have usually been able to get potty-training complete before another one comes along...very nice on the budget!