Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Potty Training


Abby has begun the potty training journey! So far I'd say she's doing pretty well. As long as I take her to the potty regularly she can keep her pull-up dry pretty much all day (I found this out yesterday). So now I just need to make myself be as consistent as possible with taking her. Every time she sits on the potty she goes, even if I discover that she's already gone in her pants. So if I can keep taking her until she is finally able to tell me when she has to go - with enough time to make it to the potty - we should be good to go! I don't think it will take very long since she wants to do what Emma does and I will be very excited to only have 1 baby in diapers, even if it will only last until October!

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Kara said...

shelly, I had to set a timer to remind myself to take Kyla every 20-30 minutes and then by day 3-4 she was going on her own. The hardest part for us was me remembering to take her! Good luck!