Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Days

I have been in happy mode lately. It's been great! And since I've been in a good mood, the kids haven't been driving me crazy either. I'm really happy with their behavior lately. The girls have actually starting interacting and pretending with each other when they play. It's so cute and keeps them occupied for a lot longer and they have really been enjoying each other. It's REALLY loud though. I would definitely rather have loud happy noise than screaming and fighting any day though, so I'll take it! And everyone has been going to bed without much fuss. Abby is even in her big girl bed after refusing to use it for the past year. Happiness!!

I'm in the process of getting our laundry room organized. I've decided to keep all of our clothes in there since they very rarely make it to the bedrooms anyway. I'm getting it under control and this weekend I plan on finishing it. I just need to create another place to hang clothes and get some kind of small drawer system. I'll be so happy to get that taken care of. Laundry has been such a pain since we had kids, so it will be great to have everything in one room at all times.

Hey, Lynn....I'm watching a David's Bridal commercial right this second. It's a sign!

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