Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Almost A Good Day

Today started out pretty good. Scott had to work first shift so he could go to orientation this afternoon so for some reason that made my day a little easier. It seems like we have cram a lot of stuff in between the time he gets up and the time he leaves for work. So I even got to finish a book and start a new one! Anyway, everyone was behaving and i got everyone bathed which knocked Ian out for 3 whole hours, during which time I wanted the girls to take naps. I put Abby down first so she could be asleep before Emma went in there so they wouldn't be talking to each other all day. Abby never went to sleep though. I talked Emma into going to sleep on the couch which worked out just fine. Emma and Ian woke up from their naps before Miss Abigail even went to sleep so I decided to give up and leave to do the paper route. Abby finally fell asleep in the car when we were almost done. So she didn't get much of a nap. Then things just started going downhill... We were at my grandma's house for a bit with  little fussiness, but on the way home they snapped. They are all in bed already and it's only 6:00! Abby's in bed for being grumpy and is making up for her nap, Ian's in bed cause he's flexible so he just sleeps when the girls sleep, and Emma is in bed early as punishment. Maybe tomorrow we can make the whole day good.

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