Tuesday, October 12, 2010

38 1/2 Weeks

We're 38.5 weeks now and this baby can come any time he wants! So far it's not looking very promising though. I went to the doctor yesterday and haven't made much progress. I'm "almost" 1cm (which might as well be nothing with this being the 4th kid!), but I am 50% thinned out so that's a little bit of something I guess.

This doctor won't induce me until I'm at least a week late. And at this point I'm not getting my hopes up that he's coming out on his own. I'm definitely expecting an induction. So we could end up with a Halloween baby! We'd have to draw whiskers on his face as soon as he pops out I guess! And if we really have to wait that long I'm definitely expecting him to be a 10-pounder!

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