Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Emma & Abby's Birthday Party

I think I pretty much qualify as Shelly's personal secretary! (it's Lynn again). Anyway, I just wanted to post about Emma & Abby's birthday party on Sunday!

First of all, isn't Shelly awesome because she had a baby on Thursday, came home on Saturday, and then had a birthday party?! Yeah, I thought so!

Anyway, on to the party! Emma and Abby got lots of wonderful gifts... Emma's favorite, of all things, was a little Cars freezer pack that Jessie randomly decided to pick up in the check-out line. Good thing she did. After Emma opened that she was done opening presents! Apparently Jessie is a good present-picker-outer because she also got them a Doodle Pro which they both seemed to love!

After presents we were on to CUPCAKES!!!!

Abby didn't like them as much as I thought she would.... I've never seen her turn down any type of food, but she was not really all that into the cupcakes.. :(

She got pretty messy but thats only because she knocked the cupcake over and then leaned into it. haha

I think she might have just been tired.

Emma mostly just ate the icing with one finger:

And little Ian slept most of the time, but managed to wake up and make an appearance after the party was mostly over. What a cutie!

Happy Birthday, Emma & Abby!!!

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