Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back to School

Southern Indiana schools are switching to a "balanced calendar" which is closer to year-round schooling, so that means the kids went back to school Thursday. That's right, August 1st!

Here they are on their first day!

Emma is in first grade, Abby is starting Kindergarten, and Ian is in Pre-K. They were all very excited! The girls look so cute in their little uniforms. Ian doesn't have to wear uniforms until next year, but he looks cute too! :) 

It's crazy to have 3 kids gone for at least part of the day. Pre-K is only for three hours every morning. It does mean I have to make an extra trip to school each day, but I think Ian will really benefit from it so I think it will be worth the trouble. We shall see!

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Endless Strength said...

Wow starting August 1?! that is crazy. I bet it is strange to have fewer kids around. Heck...if only one of mine is gone, it seems like the noise is at about 50% of normal!