Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mammoth Cave

This past Saturday we took a trip to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. It was pretty cool although next time we decide to go in a cave we'll make sure none of our kids are in the toddler stage. The 3 big kids did fine and seemed to enjoy it, but I couldn't let Owen walk around in there so Scott had to carry him the whole time. We had to get through some tight areas and it just wasn't a good set up.

We walked down a little trail before our cave tour began and the kids were very excited to see a chipmunk up close.

I also learned that taking pictures inside a cave is pretty tricky so most of them didn't turn out especially since I didn't have any extra attention to devote to changing the settings on my camera.

Our one family shot of the day turned out pretty bad. Nobody was looking, Owen was crying, and Adam passed out. So we only gave it one try.

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Michelle Hughes said...

What fun! I love it when I see other families with lots of kids out and about doing fun things! People try to tell me I'm crazy for doing stuff, but I'm like...hello! Just because I have these kids does not mean we can't go on a hike!!! :)