Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Owen's Baptism

Owen got baptized on November 7th. That was also the day the clocks went back, which was not good for Ian. When we arrived at church it was already what would normally be nap time so he wasn't super happy that day, but we made it through. I learned not to schedule important things on days with a time change!
Owen looked ADORABLE in his baptism outfit!

He ended up sleeping through the whole thing.

Jessie was supposed to be there to take pictures. She usually takes A TON of pictures which is good so we always know there will be good ones somewhere in there. But she accidentally over-scheduled herself that day and couldn't make it. The godparents' daughter Emme (who is 10 or 11 I believe) ended up taking pictures for us. She didn't take very many, but there were a couple good shots. Good job, Emme! And afterwards the Wades came over for pizza and everyone had a good time passing the baby around. :)


Jessie said...

Way to call me out! Geez, as if I didn't feel badly enough about it! lol
I have to say Owen looked absolutely adorable!!!!

Shelly said...

Sorry :)